A - Z Rules and Regulations for Central Bank Center (CBC)



As a public assembly facility, CBC is responsible for permanent building access accommodations including, but not limited to wheelchair ramps, elevator standards, door width standards, automatic entrance doors and restroom accessibility. We suggest that licensees include in their registration form an area to allow individuals with disabilities to indicate any special needs they may have.

Licensees are responsible making sure all exhibits, displays, meeting room layouts, paths of travel, etc. will be accessible to those with disabilities attending their event.


Only approved tape and adhesive backed materials (non-residue, easy removable) are permitted for use on the facilities floor surfaces. Use of tape on any wall surface, glass or equipment is prohibited. Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be affixed to any facility surfaces nor distributed to attendees. If this regulation is ignored, a cleaning fee will be accessed for removal of any decals or stickers that are placed in complex property.


Aisle dimensions are subject to the Fire Marshal approval. Aisles must be a minimum of 6’ wide. Cross aisles must be a minimum of 10’ wide.

Animal Policies

With the exception of approved guide, signal or service dogs as recognized by ADA, animals are not allowed in CBC without prior approval. Approval is based on whether the animal is legitimately part of a show, exhibit or activity requiring use of animals. Animals that are approved to be on premises must meet the following guidelines:

  • Animal(s) to be always on a leash, if not, confined to a pen/crate.
  • Animal(s) must always be under control.
  • Animal exhibits not permitted on carpeted areas.
  • Owner or handler responsible for animal(s) and waste clean-up and removal.


Possession, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited except through CBC approved caterer, Levy/Hardwood & Oak.

Events seeking an alcohol sponsor must discuss this in advance with Sales or Event Manager to ensure steps are taken to adhere to KRS statutes governing the sale of alcohol. There may be additional fees associated with this approval.

As stipulated by KRS Statute 243.036, the auction of any alcoholic beverage requires a temporary permit issued by Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC). The application process takes 30-45 days to complete. A permit must be presented in order for the item to be sold. For further details, please contact the ABC Board at 859.258.3796.



The use or distribution of helium-filled balloons is prohibited. If for some reason, helium balloons are brought into the building and released for any reason within the complex, labor costs associated with removal of balloons from the ceilings and air handlers will be charged to Licensee. Balloons filled with air are permissible.

Banners and Signs

Please advise your Event Manager of any banners or signs needing installation. All banners and signage installed in the ceilings must be placed by building staff. Once assigned Event Manager receives request, an estimate for labor will be given.



In no event shall attendance be permitted more than the established capacity of the
contracted areas. Licensee shall not admit a larger number of persons than can safely and freely move about in the contracted space; capacity will be established after final room set-up is determined and reviewed by Event Manager, Director of Events and Lexington Fire Marshal.

Cables, Cords and Wires

All wires and cables that cross doorways, aisles or walkways must be sufficiently covered or taped down in a safe and secure manner and marked with caution tape. They can be covered with rubber matting, carpet and/or marked reflective tape. When applying tape to noncarpeted surfaces, only non-residue tape may be used. When applying to carpeted surfaces, only nonresidue carpet tape may be used. 


All candle flames must be enclosed and always protected in either water or sand.


Cooking is not allowed on premises without prior written approval from General Manager of CBC. 


Damages and Clean-up

Licensee is responsible for any damage caused by your staff, contractors, exhibitors or attendees. A pre and post walk through of your licensed areas will be conducted to verify
the condition of the facility prior to your event. All damages, except for normal facility wear and tear, are the responsibility of the Licensee. Any damage to the Complex property or equipment should be reported immediately to the Event Manager and/or Complex Security HQ. Clean-up fees may also apply. 


All decorative materials displayed or installed in the Complex must be flame retardant in accordance with the Public Safety and Fire Regulations. Proof of satisfactory flame retardant treatment (certificate) is required and must be maintained within the specific exhibit area for inspection. The Complex does not allow anything to be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, doors, glass, fire sprinklers, lecterns, columns, fabric or decorative walls. Items such as glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, sand, dirt, moss and mulch are NOT permitted on any carpeted areas. NOTE: Cleaning and/or removal of décor items such as confetti, glitter, streamers, etc. will incur additional charges.


Request for use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) should be submitted to Event Manager 30 days prior to event and must follow the established CBC Drone Policy.


Electrical Equipment

All electrical devices must be installed, operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s intended use and applicable codes. Extension cords should not be affixed to structures, extend through walls, ceilings and floors or run under doors.

Elevators and Escalators

Transport of freight and equipment between floors is permissible only via the freight elevators. Under no circumstances are public passenger elevators to be used for transporting equipment or exhibit materials that cannot be carried by hand. Additionally, escalators are for the use of the public and may not be blocked or used to transport freight and equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, etc.)


All exit doors must be fully operable and unobstructed during all times of occupancy. Exit signs shall remain illuminated and full visible.

There must be 20’ clearance in front of all exits in Exhibit Halls and 10’ in ballrooms and meeting rooms.


Fire Extinguishers

Clear access must be maintained to all fire extinguishers.

An ABC fire extinguisher is required in all temporary structures larger than 20’x20’, including tents.

Fire Lanes

All fire lanes in and around complex must be clear and unobstructed.

Fire Watch

If your event intends on using haze during rehearsal of an event or the actual event, then a
Fire Watch will need to be in place and Licensee will pay the accessed fee, based on length of event (4hr min.). Requests for Fire Watch are to be made at least 14 days in advance of event. If the request is not made, then Licensee forfeits the right to use haze during their event. 

First Aid

Events larger than 1,000 in attendance may be required to have First Aid coverage on site. Charges for these services will be invoiced to Licensee. If Licensee would like First Aid coverage for their event, regardless of size, please advise Event Manager 14 days prior to event.

If licensee utilizes a First Aid service outside of the contracted First Aid company of CBC, then that First Aid services has no access to First Aid room or any equipment located in First Aid room.

Flame Resistance/Retardant

All woodwork, stage scenery, furnishings, decorations and sets used upon a working permanent or temporary stage or within an exhibit, shall be coated or treated by approved methods to render them flame resistant as demonstrated by testing in accordance with NFPA 701 standard methods of fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and films. Documentation upon request.

All decorations, such as, hay, mulch or other organic material, must be treated with flame retardant.

Floor plans, General

Your assigned Event Manager can provide guidelines for floor plan layout. Once a floorplan is developed for a meeting, social function or conference, etc., Licensee must sign off 30 days prior to Event. If any significant changes are made by Licensee, within 72 hours of event, additional charges may apply. If the contracted space has already been set, per the agreed upon floor plan, then Licensee will be accessed a conversion fee.

Floor plans, Trade Show/Public Show

A floor plan must be presented for final approval by Event Manager and Director of Events 30 days prior to the sale of exhibit space and entering into contracts with exhibitors.

Any floor plan developed by Licensee or outside decorator must be to scale and adhere to all basic guidelines for the complex, i.e. clear exits, appropriate aisle width, floor box placement, etc.

Food & Beverage

Levy/Hardwood & Oak is the exclusive food and beverage provider for both concessions and catering at Central Bank Center. This includes, but is not restricted to, food and beverage items used as traffic promoters in trade shows such as coffee, popcorn, sodas, bottled water, bar services, etc.

Food & Beverage Sampling

Trade Show and Consumer Show vendors may request authorization to sample or sell food items specific to their business by submitting the Central Bank Center Sampling Authorization Request form to Levy at least fourteen (14) days prior to event. 


Only CBC forklift certified staff may operate forklifts owned/leased by CBC.

Licensee may contract with an outside vendor to bring in a forklift that their designated, trained staff member may operate.

Forklifts may be used in the ballrooms and on the terrazzo flooring if the approved floor protective surface is placed on top of carpet. Please consult with Event Manager for permission and approved product purchase. No forklifts are allowed in the Meeting Rooms located on the 2nd level of complex.


All equipment and freight shall be loaded/unloaded in the appropriate building dock areas at all times. The loading/unloading of equipment and/or freight from the main guest exterior entrance areas, is strictly prohibited.

  • Exhibitor Freight – all shipments for exhibits must be coordinated with Lexpo decorator services. If shipments arrive to the complex prior to the move-in date of event, the complex will accept delivery, subject to handling charges, at Licensee’s expense.
  • Freight for Meetings and one-day events – Shipments for meetings and other events are to be delivered no earlier than one day prior to event. If shipments arrive at the complex prior to move-in date, the complex will accept the delivery so that the event will not be delayed due to non-received materials; however, Licensee could be accessed a handling fee.

Freight Elevators

There are two freight elevators for Licensee use. Size and capacity:

  • Each elevator: 9’ 2” wide by 13’ 8” deep.
  • The height of each elevator is 9’ 11”.
  • Each elevator has a weight capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Fuel Storage

Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, combustible gases (cylinders) or other flammable liquids may not be stored (permanently or temporarily) within CBC complex or on loading docks during an event or during move-in or move-out.


Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials are not permitted in the complex without approval from your Event Manager.

Licensee and/or Exhibitors shall supply the Event Manager with a written list of any hazardous materials along with the OSHA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on the hazardous material(s) at least 30 days prior to event.

Hazardous Materials (chemicals, gases, batteries, paints, oils, petroleum products, corrosives, solvents and biological contaminants including blood, body fluids, organic material and used first aid supplies) are the responsibility of the Licensee and/or Exhibitor. All items must be placed in a clearly marked, safe container and safely stored and secured. Licensee and/or Exhibitor shall dispose properly, according to local, state and federal regulations. Hazardous waste left in the complex will be disposed of immediately at the expense of the Licensee.


If haze is being used during your event, a mandatory Fire Watch will need to be in place. Please alert your Event Manager at least 14 days in advance of event to schedule Fire Watch. Fee for Fire Watch will be invoiced to Licensee. There is a 4-hour minimum charge for a Fire Watch. After 4 hours an hourly fee will be accessed.


If a move-in or move-out day was not included in the licensee fee, HVAC is not provided if client is granted early access or late move-out outside of the contractual agreement.



All contracted events at CBC are required to submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI) detailed in contract. COI’s must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the event. Please refer to contract for specific details concerning contractual obligations.


Dedicated wireless is available for an additional charge. Basic open Wi-Fi is offered in the complex.



Keys and Key Cards

Key cards can be issued upon request to interior, contracted spaces. Additionally, there are a few areas that require a hard key and can be signed out for your use while in contracted spaces. At the end of the event, issued key cards and hard keys should be returned to the Event Manager. If for some reason, the keys aren’t returned, there is a fee of $20 per missing key card fee and $200 per missing hard key fee.



Loading in and loading out must be done through the designated loading docks assigned to your event. Loading in and loading out through lobbies and public spaces is restricted to hand-carried items. Items/equipment which require a two-wheeled (or more) device must go through the designated loading dock area. Based on availability, floats (carts) can be arranged through your Event Manager; however, floats (carts) are not guaranteed.

Loading in and loading out should only occur during the pre-arranged time with your Event Manager. All trade shows, large exhibit shows and public shows will require load-in and load-out security guards at Licensee’s expense. The load-in and load-out guards will be scheduled through the Event Manager and can only be contracted CBC security guards. Other events, than those listed above, may require load-in and load-out security guards. Your Event Manager will assess the needs and scope of the event to make that determination.


Moveable Air Walls

The moveable airwalls in the exhibit halls, ballrooms and meeting rooms are to be installed and removed by CBC staff only. If the airwalls need to be moved during an event, an additional charge will be accessed and paid by the Licensee.


Novelty/Merchandising Fee

A novelty/merchandising fee may be accessed, if novelties or merchandise is sold on premises.


Operating Hours

Typical hours of operation are 6:00AM – Midnight.



Parking is available at prevailing rates in parking lots controlled by CBC. Parking in CBC lots is based on availability and not guaranteed.

Personal Transporters

Bicycles, Segways, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters of any kind, are not allowed inside CBC.

Pre-Function / Public Spaces

All pre-function and lobby areas are to be used for ingress/egress. Use of these areas for registration, exhibits or other activity requires the approval of the Event Manager and Director of Events. When approved for use, floor plans must include this space if it will be used for any reason other than ingress/egress.


The use, display or storage of flammable liquids, including LP gas, is prohibited except as
authorized by local and state fire regulations. Complying vendors using propane, are subject to the following limitations:

  • Compressed gas cylinders must be firmly secured in an upright position.
  • Propane storage tanks may be no larger than 5 pounds per exhibit booth or area.
  • Exhibit booths or areas using propane shall be located no closer than 100 ft apart.
  • Additional propane tanks must be stored outside of the building.

Protection of Facilities

Licensee will not permit anyone to drive any nails, hooks, tacks or screws in any part of the complex or alter the complex in any respect. Licensee will not permit anyone to affix any material to the walls, floors, doors or ceilings. Any damage to complex, the Licensee will pay CBC the cost of repair or replacement.

Pyrotechnics, Open Flames, Lasers and Special Effects – the use of open flame devices is strictly regulated by Lexington Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office and the complex’s rules and regulations.

A special permit is required for the use of pyrotechnics and/or lasers. Permit process is the responsibility of the Licensee. Each situation must be individually approved by the Director of Events or General Manager. If approved, the use of pyrotechnics and/or lasers will be strictly controlled and continuously monitored. A demonstration of the open flame device, pyrotechnics/lasers display and/or special effects may be required at the discretion of the Fire Marshal. Standby Fire Personnel may be required at Licensee’s expense. If the paperwork is not submitted to the Fire Marshal’s office in a timely manner, the use of pyrotechnics/lasers will not be allowed.



Any and all rigging services must be provided through CBC. All rigging requests and diagrams are to be submitted to CBC Technical Services department 30 days prior to event.


Sampling – Food & Alcohol

Any food sampling must be approved by CBC approved food & beverage company, Levy/Hardwood & Oak.

All alcoholic beverage sampling must be coordinated through Levy/Hardwood & Oak and must be served by a Levy/Hardwood & Oak licensed bartender.


The CBC maintains an exclusive in-house security operation. Our trained building security staff and security system maintains 24-hour security coverage for the CBC’s perimeter areas, internal corridors, and life safety alarm system.

However, there may be situations where we require the need for additional security (including Lexington Metro Police Department) in leased spaces and other areas (i.e. docks, public access areas, registration, etc.) to provide a safer environment for your event attendees. The CBC Director of Security will evaluate, in conjunction with the Event Manager, each event according to its nature, attendance and areas of use for staffing your security needs. Those staffing needs will be scheduled by the CBC Event Manager, and the costs will be passed onto you at the prevailing rates. Additional security could be guards, bag checks or walk through security detection. There is a 4-hour minimum on all security. Outside security companies are prohibited at CBC.


See Freight

Signs and Banners

The hanging of signs and banners from the ceilings and railings must be approved by the assigned Event Manager and installed only by CBC staff.


CBC is a non-smoking facility. Vaping is not allowed in facility. Smoking is permitted outside and no closer than 25’ to an entrance, per city ordinance. Smoking is not permitted on the loading docks or in the covered garage.


No collections or donations, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made, attempted or announced in the complex without prior authorization of Event Manager and Director of Events.