LEXINGTON, KY (Oct. 17, 2018) – Preparations for the demolition of the Jefferson Street bridge are underway. The work comes after the City Council authorized the Lexington Center Corporation to demolish the bridge and related infrastructure last Thursday.

Variable message boards have been placed on the Jefferson Street Bridge telling motorists that Jefferson Street – between Main and High streets – will be closed on Oct. 22. Message boards will be repositioned to Main and High streets, along with necessary other signage and barricades on Oct. 22.

The portion of the Jefferson Street bridge being demolished spans the Cox Street parking lot and its support structure. This will remove the structure from north of Manchester Street to Main Street. Jefferson Street will still connect to Manchester Street from High Street on the south side but will require temporary closures to accommodate construction.

The demolition work includes:

• Removing the bridge and portions of the support structures
• Grading a portion of the removed street on the Main Street side, and
• Installing necessary traffic safety features on both the Main Street side of the remaining Jefferson Street and the High Street Side.   

The alternate route for westbound traffic on both Main and High will be Oliver Lewis Way.  The alternate route for eastbound traffic on Main will be Broadway.

Crews will begin removing light poles on Oct. 22 and demolition on the bridge is scheduled to begin on Oct. 29. The bridge will be removed from south to north. No significant “dropping” is planned.

Demolition of the bridge is expected to take five or six weeks and then three to four weeks to demo the bridge’s abutment near High Street.