Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park to visit The Shops?

Parking for The Shops is available in the High Street parking lot across from Rupp Arena. Receive 3 hours of free parking with merchant validation. No purchase is necessary.

What type of food vendors are located at the Shops food court?

Arby’s, Sunset Strips and Yesterdays Bar & Grille.

Where are the public restrooms?

Public restrooms are located next to the food court on the lower level of the mall.

Where are the elevator locations?

Elevator locations are on the lower level next to the North rotunda on Vine Street, on the second level next to the pedway and on the third level next to the North rotunda between the Bluegrass Ballroom and the Thoroughbred Rooms. Additionally, the Hyatt Regency Lexington also has elevators that stop on the first, second and third levels of The Shops.

Are school groups welcome to The Shops?

School groups are welcome to The Shops and food court. However, large school groups are encouraged to phone ahead for more information and to schedule food service with the vendors. The food court seating area is available for paying customers of the food court. Other outside food and beverage is prohibited.

Do the Shops have a smoking area?

In accordance with Section 14.97 of the Municipal Code of the LFUCG, the Lexington Center Corporation/The Shops at Central Bank Center is a smoke-free facility.  Additionally, LCC prohibits the use of E-cigarettes inside its facilities.  

Smoking must be done outside the facility and at a reasonable distance away from entrances.

Are pets permitted?

No pets are permitted in the complex except for service animals.

What should I do if I lose something during my visit to The Shops?

You may contact mall security prior to leaving the mall. Security is located on the lower level in the center of the food court. If security is unable to locate the item, please call security the next day at (859) 233-4567 ext.3002 for more information.

Is there a viewing window available to see Rupp Arena?

Yes, a viewing window is available during non arena event days only. It is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Where is the nearest Barber Shop?

The closest Barber Shop is called The Hair Tower at 300 West Vine Street, Lexington.

The Central Bank Center complex is connected by Pedway to Central Bank and the Hilton Lexington / Downtown Hotel as well as Victorian Square.