Posted: Aug 5, 2019

HVAC Technician

Company: Rupp Arena / Lexington Center / Opera House

Salary Range: $14.00 to $16.00

Position Summary: Will have primary responsibility for assisting the Engineering Supervisors-HVAC in assuring the operation and maintenance of the chilled water systems, hot water boilers and associated systems for the LCC complex, Mall and Opera House. Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities: · Performs routine operation and maintenance of chilled water systems, hot water boilers and associated systems. · Performs preventative maintenance of HVAC systems, including cleaning of equipment and equipment rooms. · Performs chemical testing and treatment of hot water and chilled water systems. · Maintains pumps and motors; service and repair as necessary. · Service and repair of air handling units, replace parts, clean and paint as necessary. · Check and adjust temperature for mall and individual stores. · Service, repair and replace parts on cooling towers, start up and shut down, turn heaters on and off, and maintain operation as necessary. · Start up and shut down Opera House boilers and chillers. · Turn on mall AC units, parking lot lights and check computer for operation. · Check outside temperature and maintain an above freezing temperature level in all areas of complex. · Start up and shut down chillers, troubleshoot improper operation and maintain proper water temperatures and pressures. · Service, repair, replace parts and maintain proper operation of boilers as necessary, switch tanks as needed. · Disassemble, prepare and reassemble boilers for inspections. · Performs various duties associated with preparing complex for LCC events or shows.


Job Related Experience: Two (2) or more years of experience with air handlers and heating/cooling systems as related to the HVAC activities in a commercial building. Job Knowledge, Skills, Other Requirements/Equipment, Tools or Machinery: · Must have working knowledge of HVAC methods, practices, tools and equipment. · Must have good organizational and planning skills with ability to maintain daily work records of job assignments for the weekly report. · Must have the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.