Posted: Oct 14, 2019

Electrical / Mechanical Repairman

Company: Rupp Arena / Lexington Center / Opera House

Salary Range: $15.50 to $17.50

Will have primary responsibility for providing skilled electrical and mechanical maintenance support to the Lexington Center building complex, Mall, Opera House and performing basic to complex electrical installations and wiring for events and trade shows. Light/moderate plumbing, general building maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance and repair on machinery and refrigeration equipment.



Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

· Performs routine to complex electrical installations, electrical wiring for trade shows.
· Performs light to moderate plumbing installation and repair.
· Designs and fabricates parts needed in the repair and maintenance of doors, etc.
· Performs electrical wiring, and cutting, bending and installation of metal conduit.
· Performs preventive maintenance/repair on building machinery and refrigeration equipment, which also includes cleaning of equipment and the equipment room.
· Performs installation, replacement and repair of the building’s plumbing system i.e. pipes, sinks, faucet handles and restroom commodes, etc.
· Answers questions and provides technical assistance to vendors and clients prior to and during trade show setups.
· Assists and provides backup support for the HVAC staff.
· Maintains and repairs concessions refrigeration equipment.
· Performs minor carpentry, painting light bulb replacement and other special projects.